What is preparedness

Emergency Preparedness means the state of being prepared for a particular situation.

Preparedness allows you to take matters into your own hands, and possibly prevent the most unimaginable of losses. You can take responsibility for your own well-being to ensure the best possible outcome - for you and your family.

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What is MRE

MRE is the abbreviation of Meals-Ready-To-Eat in. It also refers to military rations specially for military troops. It refers to ready-to-eat food that has been cooked and only needs to be heated to consume

The convenience of MRE is also one of the characteristics of emergency food, allowing you to be helped in the event of a disaster or accident.

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How to store MRE Emergency fried rice?

Our emergency fried rice is manufactured with military and emergency food grade high-standard sterilization technology, enable to be stored at ambient temperature and enjoy a 5-year shelf life without refrigeration.

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How to eat MRE Emergency fried rice?

It only takes 3 minutes to enjoy hot and delicious fried rice! Just heat it in a microwave or boiling water!

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Will your MRE emergency fried rice be too salty?

Our emergency fried rice has no added MSG, flavor enhancers or preservatives. Tasty and not too salty.

The NHS recommends that foods containing more than 1.5 grams of salt (about 600 milligrams of sodium) per 100 grams of food are considered high-sodium foods.

Our emergency fried rice contains only 206.7mg sodium (stewed beef flavour) and 205.8mg sodium (curry chicken flavour) per 100g.

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How is your MRE emergency fried rice  different from other ready-to-eat brands?

Our emergency fried rice is made with all natural ingredients without MSG, flavor enhancers or preservatives.

We also design our MRE to adopt wheat-free recipes.

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