Packaging Techique

Ambient Storage

No refrigeration required


Our MRE Emergency Food (fried rice meal packs) are produced using aseptic processing and packaging – refers to a technique in which food is commercially sterilized outside the package, cooled and aseptically filled in a previously sterilized package, followed by hermetical sealing with a sterilized closure in an atmosphere free from microorganisms. The end product is a hermetically sealed container holding sterile food, which can be stored for prolonged periods of time at ambient conditions.

This technique leaves the food free of microorganisms of public health significance, and prevents the growth of any microorganism under normal non-refrigerated storage condition and distribution.

Examples that use aseptic packaging are tomato paste and fruit juices.

Aseptic packed foods require less energy in sterilization than canned foods, while preserving the flavour and nutrition of the food.


sufficient alley aseptic packaging


Experienced in producing food for military troops and export. Certified with international standards including HACCP, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, OHSAS18001 and FDA, etc. Quality comes first for our products.




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