RisingHope Meals

As a wandering traveler going through our world, would you like to discover your purpose?
How do we stay hopeful in a world of constant change and uncertainty?

Our Mission

A face of laughter is a rare occurrence in a bustling city.

We hope to reignite your passion for life, to bring you positive vibes and comfort, and to help you find your life’s purpose.


Our Service

Lunch, just better

RisingHope Workshop

Our team will lead an exploratory workshop that allow you to experience positive vibes, receive words of encouragement, and help you find the meaning in life.

The workshop takes about 30 minutes.

Premium & Healthy Food

What is the best diet? We have designed seven healthy and delicious special lunch boxes following the heart of our Creator! No MSG, food coloring or chemical additives. Our food will definitely nourish your mind and body!

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A Gateway to Bless

Be a blessing to many!

You can buy our service to bless your friends around you, or even people that you don't know!

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